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The third (and long overdue) installment by Elevator Fall. An ongoing and evolving musical project inspired by any sort of music found to be interesting at any particular time.

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Songs on this album include a short vocal based synth rock song (Standing Still), a lap steel guitar heavy song about change (Someday) and then a collection of various instrumental tracks ranging from epic and ambient synthscapes to chill jazz fusion with fretless bass, 12 string guitars, glockenspiel and kalimba.

A lot of time and effort has gone into this album. It contains material that has been developing over the last 10 years. A lot happens over a 10 year span and this is perhaps reflected in the material, a couple songs actually date back 20+ years but have undergone complete reproduction.

Erica DeMeerleer returns to sing on the chill duet style song, "Someday" and provide some thick background harmonies in "Standing Still". It's been very inspiring to work with her on these songs, more to come for sure.

A late 1960s Fender lap steel guitar also makes several appearances, bringing a whole new sort of sound to Elevator Fall.

Standing Still I think, I - I think I found my friend even though your eyes don't seem to move I need to enter your line of sight I'm learning to stay very, very still If I don't look at you, will you see That it takes all of my concentration I'm not sure you understand me I'm doing everything that I can My dream might come true, I can feel it getting close Your eyes have started to look all around I can move again I can take a step to you Will you see me if I look away? Now that I have found you my friend Spinning around and around again I wonder if I live in your thoughts Or if I exist here at all Someday It'll all end someday When it's all ready to go It's all gonna change it's all gonna change It'll all end someday When it's all ready to go It's all gonna change But is that so bad? It'll all end someday When it's all ready to go What does it mean All the things we see, today And we'll see the loss And we'll feel the cost, someday All music and lyrics by Zebulon Pike DeMeerleer

Some new instruments on this album. A Fender Jazz fretless bass joined the family and is used on several tracks, most apparent on the song "Fretless", a little jazz fusion song.

In the synth department, a Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 analog synthisizer (a truely amazing set of circuitry) has been added to the collection. This synth has been extremely inspiring and is used on most of the song in some form.

All Music, Artwork and Photography Copyright 2019 Zebulon Pike DeMeerleer