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Elevator Fall is the lifelong musical pursuits of Zebulon Pike DeMeerleer.

Having grown up in a very musical family, his grandmother taught him basic piano around age 8 and his Dad, always playing guitar and singing (being very influenced by Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchel, see his album: Hankington), taught him basic guitar chords around age 10, he was hooked. Soon after he started also playing drums thanks to his cousin. Around this time he got his first 4 track cassette recorder and started writing and recording music. He played drums in several bands ranging from garage/party bands in High School to gigging bands around Seattle Washington in the late 90s through the early 2000s. (see Turners Corner).

Elevator Fall is the name Zebulon releases all of his music under. Music production is an ongoing part of his life and he will continue to release music as time permits. Come follow on Facebook to stay up to date with his progress.

If I Look Away (2019)

An eclectic collection ranging from a vocal based synth rock song and harmony heavy chill lap steel song to instrumental synthscapes mixed with a variety of acoustic and electric instruments.

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Singles (2011)


Big ass rock bass lines with overlying synth leads.


A short escape from the trials and tribulations of outer space, landing brings you back to earth in a way that makes it all worth it.


Ask Judy (2006)

Ask Judy is the second Elevator Fall release. Blending ambient soundscapes with down-tempo beats, Ask Judy is a refreshing listening experience that can be enjoyed on many levels. On this album many real world instruments are combined with electronically generated noises and looped chaotic happenings.

“Diamond Lane” (track 2) is a new endeavor for Elevator Fall. With a vocal performance by Erica DeMeerleer this song mixes a mellow lounge atmosphere with a seemingly innocent, yet silky voice portraying relative and insightful meanings.
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Sounding In Fathoms (2005)

"Downtempo beats with uplifting melodies. Ambient soundscapes with intermittent noise breaks."

The first official release for Elevator Fall.
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